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Happy Birthday herself_nyc! Happy Fanniversary to Me!

Today is the birthday of the incomparable herself_nyc. It is also the anniversary of my very first post on LJ. A Spuffy story, as it happens. Coincidence? I think not.

Well, yeah, it totally is. I do, however, blame/credit/point my stubby fingers at brittanyxo for getting me here. I was late coming to Buffy. I saw maybe two episodes when they were first broadcast, but couldn't concentrate because I was chasing a toddler around and she wouldn't go to sleep! I mean, really! Where's the off-switch on those things? Anyway, a couple of years ago, I picked up the Season 2 DVDs, 'cos I'd been wanting to check it out. I had a few free hours, so I decided to watch some episodes. You know what happened next. School Hard. Like, whoa! I still maintain than anyone can get hooked on BtVS in three consecutive episodes. Or less. Well, you've all lived through the rest. Watching the entire series (a few times) led to watching fanvids, led to stumbling across fanfic, led to finding good fanfic, which naturally led to brittanyxo. Being of like mind on the Spike question, I gobbled up everything I could find on her site, loved every morsel, and rooted around for more. At the time, she was posting Distance, a complex and tricky long story over at BSV, and mentioned in her notes in one chapter that she wasn't sure she was on the right track. Not knowing any better, I wrote her a longish e-mail about all the great things she'd accomplished, and how much particular stories changed my perspective, etc. She wrote back with a very nice "Uh thanks, I guess. Are you on LiveJournal?" I paraphrase. No, I was not on LiveJournal, and had no clue how to crack it. But, if brittanyxo resides there, I'm all in, right?

What a world. I've worked as a writer, editor, musician, but at some point I got a semi-creative job and a kid, and all the actual creative work went by the wayside for a bit. Well, attachment parenting can be pretty creative, but you know what I mean. I put a lot of effort into volunteer work in my off hours (education stuff), but kept complaining to MiAmor that it might be important, but it wasn't exactly feeling like personal growth. He kept saying I should write something again, and if this fanfic stuff was so interesting to me, I might as well do that. So, well, yeah. I did it and I'm glad.

Thanks, NK, for putting me on this path. This past year has pushed me in directions I would not have considered before our little correspondence. I feel that I am getting an amazing education by being part of this great community. I feel like I am a writer, again. To the point that I'm going to WriterCon! I wanted to write you some birthday limericks based on your fics, but they all came out shite, probably because they weren't dirty enough. I'll try harder next year.

Sidebar to other WriterCon attendees: There's this cool workshop, the Writers' Salon, which sounds like something that would appeal to all attendees, but is limited to six (6) participants. Another newbie attendee is floating the idea of us doing a more informal version, Writers' Salon Lite, wherein we just set up interest groups and come ready to critique and be critiqued. The idea is that "the critique process can turn a good story into a great one". So, I'm asking anybody with a Spike-centric story: would you like to be part of an informal small-group critque at WriterCon? Let me know. We might try to get a room, and a time, and if so, we'll just break out into our interest groups and do this thing! C'mon! It'll be fun!


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May. 25th, 2009 05:31 am (UTC)
Happy Fanniversary! I'm a late comer myself, but I'm liking it a lot, and you are one of the reasons I enjoy this fandom so much.
May. 29th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
It's so sweet of you to say so! I feel like my contributions have been small, but then I look at my list o' fic and wonder how I've managed to produce all that! Hopefully, I'll have loads more enjoyable stuff in the future.

P.S. Your birthday greeting for Herself was delightful!
(Deleted comment)
May. 29th, 2009 03:17 am (UTC)
I'm just happy that some of the originals are still around, like herself! What would us newbies do without them? (Probably a lot of the stuff that's already been done...)
May. 27th, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Happy fanniversary! *throws confetti* I'm so happy you're here. Herself is a great uniter, isn't she? I didn't even know that fanfiction existed, but I came across the phrase "Spuffy" in my Buffy episode guide reading, ran off to Google it, and was immediately rewarded with an archive site. The first two things I read were Kalima's "Mister Talky Mouth" and Herself's "What She Deserves." After several months of rummaging around Bugger This, I noticed the little link to LiveJournal. A few weeks after that, I actually got up the nerve to see what the hell it was!

I love the idea of Writers' Salon Lite, but like so many of the WriterCon workshops, my weird little niche makes me sort of ill-suited to contribute in terms of presenting stuff of my own to be critiqued. I picture me pawing through my stack of indexed notebooks and watching people edge towards the door as I babble like a madwoman. For now, I plan to do lots of smiling and nodding. ;)

May. 29th, 2009 03:16 am (UTC)
Okay, but please tell me you're coming to the Dirty Drabbles event! I mean, seriously, don't you want to see if you can get something really hot going in 17 syllables? I know I do!
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