Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Writercon hand-wringing

Fellow Writercon attendees! I've got small issues. I'm taking the red-eye out and will arrive at the crack'o Friday morning. Since check-in is at 3PM, and I suspect I'll arrive at 7:30AM or so, I'm searching for a spot to freshen up before the festivities begin at 9:30AM. And possibly a post-lunch nap. Though that might turn into a pre-cocktail party nap, when I'll already have my room. It all depends on adrenaline and caffeine consumption, I suppose.

On the other end, I booked a room for Friday and Saturday nights, but it turns out that Sunday is my big workshop day. My flight doesn't leave until 9:30PM, so if anybody has a room for me to park my stuff in between check-out and departure, I'd be much obliged. I can check my bag(s) with the hotel, but I'd rather have a friendly place where I'd have slightly easier access. 'Cos it's my stuff. I might need something. You never know.

I got a good deal on my room rate, better than the con rate, by bundling it with my airfare. I'm willing to take a roommate, though the Fri/Sat only thing is likely to be just as inconvenient for others as it is for me. Of course, if anybody is interested, I'd have to make sure the hotel is willing to give me a double. I'm friendly, but not that friendly. If one of my f-listers really wants to share, but has already booked an extended stay or something, I'm open to canceling my room in order to have a slumber party share somebody else's costs.

Other than that, it all seems pretty straightforward. I've got a lot of writing to do before then, and I'm dithering about where I'm going to brush my teeth between the hours of 8-10, instead. Figures. I suspect I'll see a lot of you at rahirah's 10AM Friday panel, It's a Thing: Choosing the Right Adjective! Great kick-off, IMO. I'm sorta bummed that I have to choose between anaross' Big Picture workshop and the Enough Kissing, Let's Get On With the Maiming panel Friday afternoon. Choices, choices.

I'm going to screen comments, just in case anybody wants to give me their contact info (along with "don't call before ____ instructions"). If the roommate thing appeals, truth-in-advertising requires that I say I'm over 40, non-smoking, a bit of a night-owl, and unlikely to raid the mini-bar. My showers are not especially short, but mirror-time is not overly long. Over 40, like I said.
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