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Noms + Mini-meta: Buffy & Spike vs. Elizabeth & Darcy

I'm back from Comic-Con and Writercon, and still processing everything. At both events I didn't get quite as much time with friends as I would have liked, but I'm so happy to have gone and to have met the people that I did. The workshops at Writercon were amazing, and I was blown away and inspired, but must get some sleep, now.

But first, With This Ring garnered a few more nominations while I was away. It's nominated in the Doomed (Het) category at Running With Sissors Awards, and in the Short and Dark/Angst categories at Fang Fetish Awards! That last one is especially shocking to me, since most of the feedback I got was "sweet" and "funny"; also: "satisfying". I thought it contained at least the minimum daily requirement of angst, but I didn't get the feeling anybody else did. Heh. mere_ubu swears she isn't responsible for these noms, and while she's a crafty little minx and all, I tend to believe her. So, thank you to whichever of you did this! It's like whoa to a writer, especially a writer who has been a little on the not-so-much writing side. The pretties:


In my defense, I am diligently working away on a multi-chapter fic (my first!), so my guilt is containable at the moment. I can't post chapters though, because the plot is still wonky, and I might have to change things at the beginning to make it all work out at the end. Coming this fall to a ficathon near you!

Some of you may have noticed that I tend to incorporate a lot of other art and literature into my stories: the recent "Riley Finn is Don Jose from Carmen" ficlet, the Allen Ginsberg Howl drabble, the vampires at The Mikado romp, etc. Honestly, sometimes I go a little overboard, but it's just so fun for a gal with a liberal arts education to splash around in that big ol' pool, you know?

Anyway, I've got a theory that will probably never make it into a story in any concrete way, but which informs anything I write that is Spuffy. larabeckinsale's recent post brought it to the forefront of my brain. You might as well know about it, if you're going to be reading my Spuffy. In my mind, Buffy & Spike really are Elizabeth & Darcy in a lot of important ways. Their arc, Season 2 through 5, is very much Pride & Prejudice, with vampires. T
his might be a minority opinion, or lots of stuff may have already been written about the similarities, but here's my case:

In both stories, two intelligent and self-assured people come from different social classes, but are thrown together. After their first encounter she develops a strong dislike for him, while he is instantly fascinated by her. He misinterprets his interest as something fleeting, at first, and thinks it will pass (when he kills her, according to Spike). She has all these ideas about the kind of person he is, and he doesn't feel he should have to explain himself (in Spike's case, because he relishes his bad reputation). The more time he spends with her, the more his attraction grows, although he knows the match is a bad one in many ways. As she gets to know him better, she also becomes attracted (my view, YMMV) but fights that attraction fiercely, until his help to her family makes it impossible for her to stick to her former bad opinion of him. This brings us to the end of Season 5, which is where I belive Buffy falls in love with Spike.
Good opinion + attraction = love.

Of course, there are lots of differences in the stories, as well. The tales of Spike's evil deeds were not exagerated or misrepresented. While Giles works pretty well as Mr. Bennett, and Dru is a very whacked-out Caroline Bingley, Joyce is, thankfully, no Mrs. Bennett. Most crucially, though, Buffy dies.

How this analogy can be carried into Seasons 6 & 7, I'm not sure, but since Jane Austen never let us behind the matrimonial bedroom door, who's to say there weren't more similarities? I'd like to think that Elizabeth and Darcy led passionate lives, but without all the angst. It's hard to imagine Elizabeth as depressed, flailing, and cruel. Snarky? Definitely.

Just know that I've never met a version of Pride and Prejudice I didn't like, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the Spuffy arc) is no exception.
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