Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Hide your blushing eyes, it's mere_ubu's birthday!

Novelty poetry lovers unite!

It's time to celebrate mere_ubu's birthday, and what could be more appropriate to the occasion (other than chocolate, hawt fic, and a relaxing foot rub) than another round of limericks? Amirite? Okay then, let's go!

Whilst engaging with doll!Spike in play
An activity some find outré
Our girl had to get forceful
though now she’s remorseful
But the arms fit back on, I daresay

It sounded like just good, clean fun
A doll, a camera, bourbon
Although it’s a blast
It goes south real fast
When the dolly’s a hard-drinking demon

At first, he cooperates nicely
But, as the flask empties, it’s dicey
He loses his shirt
Which can’t really hurt
But replacements are getting quite pricey

He rummages in the weapons chest
Wee implements of death, wielded with zest
A broadsword: discarded
But look here: a halberd
Stands triumphant! (I know I’m impressed)

Plastic ADD is never in style
Posing only works for awhile
Then he’s hacking and slashing
And running and dashing
Mere pulls out the stops to beguile

“You’re doing great, big bad hero
That fern just suffered its death throe
But you have other skills
With even more thrills
Let’s give the violence the heave-ho.”

He levels a smoldering glance
And slowly begins to advance
The shutter is clicking
The vampire gold-bricking
“C’mon, Spike! Get out of my pants!”

Okay, okay. Don't hurt me. It's just words, people! Happiest of birthdays, Mere, in spite of the above travesty.

Tags: birthday, limericks

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