Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

TV, banners, and boys: Pretty!

Graphic mistress amyxaphania (formerly ducktheduck) made a stunningly beautiful banner for my Spike & Dru in Disneyland story, One Good Date, and here it is:

Dreamy, isn't it? Thanks so much, Amy! I'm so happy!

I watched High Plains Invaders this weekend, and it features James' best hair since Spike, IMO. I'll admit, the sprinkling of gray appealed to me. A lot. The film isn't especially tight, but he gets an actual part (what was up with P.S. I Love You, anyhow?), and it bolsters my theory that there are more "mature" romances happening in film and television these days. By which I mean romance between principal characters over the age of 35. Which I like. This one is particularly chaste, which seems to be the default, but they can't all be Roslin/Adama, I suppose. Pity. Regardless, it was fun watching James Marsters do his thing for 90 minutes, so if such a thing appeals to you, you probably won't be disappointed.

I also finished my Dollhouse rewatch, and it's better the second time, as with so many good things. The neighbors have been coming over to watch, and the discussions of identity issues have been lively following each episode. In retrospect, the stand-out performer just might be Enver Gjokaj
(Victor). He brings it for every single thing he has to do, including impersonating the other actors. I was also impressed with little Adair Tishler in Epitaph One, for the same reasons.

Tip: The Guild Season 3, episode 1 has still got it! You go, Felicia!
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