Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

A week of much action - and fic!

My posting day at seasonal_spuffy was on Thursday, which just about killed me dead. I will never again tell the mod, "Oh, anytime is fine." Sheesh. Of course, the truth is that it would've probably been just as terrifying if I'd had a date for next month, as I seem to be incapable of seriously settling down to write without a deadline. Thank you comms of weekly and monthly prompts.

Anyway, my Spuffy story turned into something of an epic. For me, anyway. It's a sequel of sorts to my story from the last round, With This Ring. It's on the fluffy side, but if you like your fluff with a bit of structure, you might like it. Just follow the link to Under My Skin, and let me know what you think. This is the first story for which I used beta readers other than MiAmor. It was all hard and stuff, but the story is much better for it. Profuse besos to clawofcat and angearia !

In other news, my time-traveling Mary Sue story, Violet Eyes Are Smiling, for which I entirely blame rahirah, was nominated in the Shades of Grey Awards (SoGA)! Neato! That was very kind of somebody. *looks around suspiciously* Here's the pretty:

Also, spoiler free, I'd just like to say that Dollhouse is making me crazy with love! And Glee is turning out to be a sort of Ohio version of Absolutely Fabulous, where everybody is over the top horrible, but I cannot possibly not watch with lines like this (spoiler): "They're children. They need to be terrified." Plus: boffo musical production numbers. This week on uppers! Whoa!

A very good week. Can't wait to catch up on all the LJ I missed, though.

ETA: Also, LJ is taking bites out of my posts. It's something to do with that "auto-formatting" check box on the HTML page. Beware! Anyway, all my theater and concert going exploits from this week are gone, daddy, gone. Even the cute, cuddly, crew-cut guys on the train. *sniff*
Tags: awards/noms, buffy, dawn, fic, rl, spike, tv party, writing
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