Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Feeling the Enjoyment?

Hey kids! It's been awhile, but there's all sorts of stuff to be excited about these days. Fandomwise, that is.

1. There's the cool new archive site, Archive of Our Own, run by the Organization of Transformative Works. You can post your non-Spuffy stuff, your short stuff, and your NC17 stuff (*whistles*). By stuff, I mean fic, but the images I've posted have gone through just dandy. It's, well, neat! Easily searchable, too. People keep trawling for invites, but I just signed up and they sent me a code in less than a day.

2. seasonal_spuffy has, alas, come to the end of the Fall 2009 round , and what a round it was. I'm still catching up. But once I have, all is not lost because msclawdia is posting a new story! I'm afraid it won't get the attention it deserves because she seems to be posting only on her journal. If you like emotionally resonant, well-plotted, generally non-pr0n Spike and Buffy with great dialogue, she'll set you right up. The story is untitled at present, but just go check it out. And leave feedback, as she's been gone awhile and could probably use some encouragement.

3. Words on the Wind Awards is very, very ambitious. They've got at least a dozen fandoms, and loads of categories for each, so go forth and nominate. Two of my stories have supposedly been nommed, which is so cool of somebody out there, but the nominees page hasn't been updated in awhile, and they don't have any Buffy-esque nominee buttons up yet, so I'm holding off on any announcement for now. Weirdly, every fandom has a "Best Wedding" category, which I would think would be hard to fill, but there is already a slash Xander story in contention. Maybe I underestimated the amount of wedding!fic out there.

4. Late to the party, as always, we've started watching Season 1 of Supernatural. I've heard that only girls watch that show, which surprises me because THE CAR is, like, the best male supporting character ever. Or female, if you think of cars that way. Every time they open those creaking doors and slam 'em shut, I get a happy. Which is multiple times each episode. Are '67 Impalas a girl thing? Really? Can any of you gents out there explain this to me? Yeah, yeah, the boys are pretty. (as are the girls-of-the-week), but what gets me is the gleefully throwback quality. Homemade EMF/Walkman? That's totally something my dad would do if he was a rogue demon hunter. I've known so many of these guys (both the Zeppelin Rules ones and the Stanford Grad ones) that it feels pretty real. Good times. (Note to the parents on the list: pretty intense. Wouldn't recommend for 12 and under. But, you know your kid best.)

5. The cancellation of Dollhouse
is not so enjoyable. *sigh* First, Pushing Daisies, and now this. Why do they always cancel the weird stuff? Have I answered my own question?

ETA: 6. Check out this not-entirely accurate, but pretty dang funny article on Buzzy Multimedia, "Why We Need Spike".

On the home front, it looks like we're hosting Thanksgiving. Mmmmm, leftovers!
Tags: recs, tv party
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