Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Crissens is Busting Out All Over

They've got Santas up for adoption over at nekid_spike, and I just couldn't resist this little honey, created by lil_coyote:

Santa Lorne

He's just so festive! And he's great at getting the topmost decorations on the tree. Not to mention he's knows the best risqué lyrics to Santa Baby that you've ever heard! And, look! He sparkles!

In other news, I won a pretty over at still_grrr for the Dawn-with-the-baby-slayers fic, Sleeping Bag Stories. The field was packed with amazing stories, which surprises me not at all, since October is kind of our month, here in the Buffy!verse. So I'm really touched to be recognized:

This award was super exciting to me, especially since I was afraid the story might be overly expositional. I was even emboldened to make this piece the epilogue to Under My Skin on the various Spuffy archive sites, though it mentions Spike not at all.

My noel_of_spike day is coming up. I guess my piece is taking the place of what would ordinarily by my seasonal_sd entry, were that community not gone. *sniff* I'm thinking of starting up another Spike & Dru comm, but I'd want a co-mod, just so it doesn't accidentally go MIA. It'll probably be February or so before I get it together. Any thoughts?
Tags: awards/noms, writing
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