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Rebcake's Fic Round-up of 2009

It was a pretty good year, fic-wise, chez Rebcake. I posted 9 drabbles, 2 sets of limericks (must do more in 2010), and 16 stories (7 of which were ficlet-sized), for a grand total of 27 individual works. Of the 16 stories, 5 won awards of some sort, which is amazing to me. You guys are so kind! I didn't seem to learn how to write without a deadline and the associated panic, but I was pretty happy with my output, overall. I wasn't so happy with LJ eating my posts, though. Grrr.

Spike was by far the major subject in these works. 3 drabbles and 2 ficlets did NOT contain Spike, and 2 additional stories had extremely minor or off-screen Spike. However, Spike was paired up (romantically or otherwise) with lots of folks: Drusilla, Buffy, Ethan Rayne & the Harlots, Illyria, Dawn (they're just good friends), Wish!verse Angel & Xander, Allen Ginsberg, and Dracula. I also wrote about Joyce, Darla, the Trio, Riley, and a whole assortment of baby Slayers. My tendency to do sort-of crossovers continues unabated, with nods to Mardi Gras, Disneyland, Howl (the poem), Woodstock, Love at First Bite (the 1979 movie), Carmen (the opera), Jack Be Nimble (the nursery rhyme), The Tar Baby (the folk tale), the Grammys, The Thief of Time (the Discworld novel), and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the TV show). Oh, and Tom of Finland. I don't know where the madness will end.

Following are some links to the whole shebang. Don't you just love that word? I'll try to find unlocked posts, wherever possible. Award-winners are marked with (*).

Drabbles (100 words exactly)
Early Lessons - Prompt: Stick (Spike)
You know darn well - Prompt: Can (Spike/Dru)
Pillow Fight - Prompt: Down/Under (Xander)
*She's So Cold - Prompt : Pat (Darla, Spike/Dru)
Passion Means Suffering - Prompt: Passion (Buffy about Spike)
Confidence Man - Prompt: Con (Spike)
Not Over It (Buffy, Oz)
*When Do We Want It? (The Trio)
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked - Prompt: Howl (Spike/Dru, Allen Ginsberg)

Ficlets (under 1,000 words)
Up With Chocolate (Spike & Illyria)
*I Kissed a Goo Goo Muck (Spike & Dawn)
Clothes Make the Man (Spike, in f-locked community)
Don Jose Redux (Riley)
The Out-of-Towner (Spike & Dracula)
*Sleeping Bag Stories (Dawn & some slayers)
Gamesmanship (Darla & the Master)

Fiction (over 1,000 words)
Let The Good Times Roll (Spike/Dru)
*One Good Date (Spike/Dru)
Voodoo Chile (Spike/Dru)
Just a Couple of Misfits (Spike/Dru)
*Violet Eyes Are Smiling (Joyce & OC)
The Tar Baby (Spike, Ethan & the Harlots)
*With This Ring (Spike/Buffy, Ensemble)
Under My Skin (Spike/Buffy, Ensemble)
Rules and Customs (Wish!verse Spike/Angel/Xander - NC17, in f-locked community)

Doing It Spuffy-Style (Spike/Buffy)
Hide Your Blushing Eyes (doll!Spike/Mere_Ubu)
Tags: fic, lj, writing
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