January 15th, 2009


A couple things plus ... Fic: Voodoo Chile

First I want to wish Happy Birthday! Good Health! Happiness! to sockmonkeyhere, whose birthday it might not be, since the little minx doesn't post that particular tidbit anymore. I also want to take this opportunity to beg her, again, to give us more In Dreams. Chapter 11 just won't leave my head, what with the the Willow jumping to an Angel/Oz conclusion, and Angel clumsily hacking out a "miss ya" e-mail to Nina. (I recc'ed it at buffyversetop5, and I'd do it again, in a heartbeat.) It's great stuff, Socky! We haven't forgotten!

Second, is anybody else having the weird LJ userpic swap? A couple of times, I've had userpics just turn into something else. For instance, earlier this week, my homemade Spike/Dru icon turned into Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a fine entertainer and all, but I DON'T HAVE ANY OF HER ICONS! The first time it happened, I ended up with little collegiate cartoons of beer, instead of my usual cakes and Spike, so I changed my password. But then it happened again, and now I'm feeling tech challenged. How does this dad-blamed thing work?

Third, I'm a little nervous about posting this fic, as it didn't go where I intended. Not the era, not the style, not the content. It was supposed to be a 100-word drabble about lighting a cigarette. However, I am sick of not posting anything, so I'm gonna chance it. I'm just not sure if anybody will think it's interesting. It's another historical, but hardly what you'd call ancient history. If you disagree with that assessment, may I just say: Hey! Watch it!

Feedback appreciated.

Title: Voodoo Chile
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1069
Characters/Pairing: Spike/Dru, Historical Real People
Warnings: History, but no song!fic!
Summary: Woodstock was only part of the story...

Originally posted at still_grrr for Prompt 100: Dead Like Me

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