February 27th, 2009


Inquiring minds: a poll for my readers, bless 'em

When I write a fic, especially a pre-series fic, I end up doing way more research than I planned. Then I want pass it all on to you, the reader, because it's oh so fascinating. I partially blame my English teachers for their many, many classroom hours spent hammering on footnotes, and the fact that I've always written non-fiction until recently. However, I don't see anybody else listing twelve (12!) factoids at the end of their stories, the way I did on my last one.

Poll #1356765 Footnotes, end notes, author notes

So, how do you feel about all these end notes on my historical fics?

Who cares about all that boring detail?
Thanks for the info, but I could have used it at the beginning.
I already knew all that stuff, so why are you wasting my time?
It’s kinda interesting, but I’m glad you didn’t force me to slog through it at the beginning.