June 16th, 2009


What Is Love?

I have awards news! I've got some stories nominated in the Spuffy Awards (including some naughty limericks in the "We MIssed the Bed Again" category, *snerk*) and voting is now open, so go check out all the goodies over there during the summer lull. You'll have a blast, I promise. I also just found out With This Ring is up for Reader's Choice in the Rogue Poet Awards, along with a bunch of other great stories by people on my flist, which is a huge surprise and quite an honor. I only found out when I went to vote for a friend! But now that there's more than one friend listed, I guess I'll have to read them all again and go by the merits or something tedious like that. (The sacrifices we make...heh.)

If it seems like I've shirked my fic writing responsibilities, it's because I have. After a long dry spell, I posted a mid-Century America Spike/Dru drabble. The prompt was "Howl", so I naturally had to call it: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked. I mean, what else? I also did a very non-fluffy Wish!Verse NC-17 slash story over at nekid_spike, but you need to be a member there to read the filthy thing. So join now! That's largely it for the past month, which is sad, since it's next month that I thought would be on the slim side, story-wise. I've been afraid to sign up for any prompt-a-thons, because I've failed so spectacularly at the drabble requests. I got stuck on Angel, who I've never written, and am sort of mad at, and I suppose I should just get on that stupid-haired horse and ride. Which I can. Anytime I want.

In lieu of fic, I planned this loooong post on the nature of love, as I've lived it (how fascinating!), and it's a mess and rather more boring than I'd like, so instead I'm gonna just post the news. 'Cos it fits. And because I'm gearing up for a short trip to SoCal to see The Importance of Being Earnest! Woo hoo! James Marsters as Jack/Earnest! Charles Busch as Lady Bracknell! I'm all atwitter. I made McDiva watch the movie version (the old one) last night, and we have a new Joan Greenwood fan in the house, as is right and proper. We also have tickets to a play at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival for the end of the month, and McDiva and her Nana won tickets to see Wicked last week, so we're doing great with the live theater at present. I feel so cultural!