July 5th, 2009


I earnestly meant to do this long ago...

But it's summer! Last weekend, the drag queens were in bloom, the Dykes on Bikes were dressed in their summer clothes (or, you know, not), and all the visitors to Our Fair City were snapping photos of celebrity street signs. It was glorious. And, for once, the summer fog stayed away, so the usual gooseflesh surrounding Pride Weekend was at a minimum, which made me happy, although I'm not much for the heat myself. Still, I'm always glad to see the old broad put on a bright smile when company comes. Usually, I see people shivering in the mist, wearing shorts and flipflops in June/July, and I feel responsible. They made a reasonable assumption (Summer + California = warm, sunny days), and it feels mean to disappoint them. But last weekend was popping with color, feather boas, rainbow platform sandals, and the thumpa thumpa of the techno beat (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

It's summer! The first road trip was to SoCal (cold! windy!) to visit an 8-year-old just out of the hospital (she had a bout of pneumonia, but she's much better now) and other friends and relations, and to see the recording of The Importance of Being Earnest radio play, starring Charles Busch as Lady Bracknell, and our own James Marsters as Earnest/Jack. First time in-person sighting! Woo and hoo!

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