September 25th, 2009


It's your birthday, too. Yeah!

Today it's my birthday! But, wait! That's not all! It's also the birthday of some pretty amazing writers and readers of the Spike oeuvre. Some of whom just happen to be on my f-list. *busts buttons to be in such august company* So, let's give up some warm birthday fist pumps for abelina, brunettepet, and snickfic! Also:kathylovesspike, lauratd, _sharvie_, and spuffyduds! My goodness! Isn’t that such of lot of talent all born on one day? Why, yes. Yes, it is. Whatever could have been going on 36-42 weeks prior to this auspicious day? Would you believe, New Year’s Eve? I haven’t worked up the nerve to ask my folks if my suspicions are correct, but there sure seem to be a lot of us. And we all seem pretty ready to party. If you’re going to rain on my parade by telling me that the birthrate is evenly distributed throughout the year or something, don’t bother. I’m happy in my rose-colored autumnal birthday capsule.

The really cool thing is that Joss knew just what to get me this year! All those years of him whining that I'm so hard to shop for have really worn me down. I keep telling him not to bother with fancy jewelry or cars, 'cos that's just not me, you know? But this year, he got it right, finally, by giving me a new season of Dollhouse! Isn't he the sweetest thing!

In other, fic writing news, I signed up for seasonal_spuffy, and my assigned day is less than 2 weeks away. I'm hoping the panic sets in soon enough that I can hammer out something decent, but time's a-wastin'. Plus, there's that Darla ficathon thing due at the end of October, and I just know that the seasonal_sd mod will announce a new round any second now. Have I mentioned that I work best under pressure? At least, I hope I do. Anybody wanna be my baby beta?

Psst! If you want to give one of your writer/artist friends a birthday thrill, try leaving a comment for something they did awhile back. That warm fuzzy feeling just lasts and lasts.

Happy Friday, everybody!