November 25th, 2009


An unexamined life...

So, is Live Journal is scrambling anybody else's fics? I've had three of my older stories go all pear-shaped (or the digital equivalent) in the last couple of days. It's...unpleasant. I'm glad I archived to AO3, because otherwise I'd be back to Word files. Tsk.

I have a question about the invite clause for vampires in the Buffyverse. This was brought on by watching Supernatural, wherein the vampires have no such limitation, apparently. I'm wondering if the invitation rule applies to RVs that are the primary residence of a person. Let's just say it's a rogue demon hunter, for instance. I'll bet that this has been discussed before, but I'm curious now. Help me BarbC Obiwan! What are your thoughts?

In other news McDiva and her friends worked out that Joss Whedon really has a thing for triggers.

Exhibit A: Spike's "Early One Morning" trigger
Exhibit B: River's "Fruity Oaty Bar" trigger
Exhibit C: November's "Three Flowers in a Vase" trigger

See? Trigger Happy! I'm as big a fan of the Manchurian Candidate as anybody, but wow!

I hope everybody has a wonderful holiday tomorrow (or just a regular day, if that's how you play it) and that we get lots and lots of rocket launcher fic in our stockings this year!