June 21st, 2010

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Defenseless: the Commentary

But first, a word from our sponsor:

I won a pretty at still_grrr 's Characters of Color Challenge for my story The Front Lines, featuring Robin Wood early in his career. And it's very pretty indeed!

Many talented friends were also on the winner's list, no surprise! Thanks, still_grrr, for bringing the inspiration on such a regular basis! This round was especially interesting as, almost by definition, it fed my desire to see more about rare characters.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Defenseless commentary...

Look at my story. Isn’t it pretty? It raises the kills people dead!

Whoa! So totally didn’t see that coming!
--Typical comment about the end of Defenseless

Well, I did, but I can see why others might not have.

The origins of my latest seasonal_spuffy  story lie in the upcoming Who Are You Ficathon . angearia got all excited about body swap fic, which I also find fascinating, but I cannot participate in the ficathon because of the timing. Consider Defenseless an opening salvo, Emmie!

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