February 13th, 2011


Rare Pairs Want You

Sunday PSA:

The deadline for nominating fics for [community profile] the_hellmouth_awards is Tuesday, February 15, and there are a few categories that could be "plumped". I've a feeling that my f-list has plenty of ideas for outstanding fic starring rare pairs in the areas of Fluff, Comedy, and that old standby Kink, but it would be extra-spiffy if the neglected category of Best Plot could get a little more love. There is also plenty of room in Best Romance, Best Long, Best Series, and Best Characterization. The only categories that are full are Best Male Slash and Best Heat.

Head on over and check out the list of Nominees!

Then check out the Rules and consider giving a feedback-starved author* a thrill and Nominate!

*All authors are starved for feedback. It's just a fact. Those writing less common pairings might be a little hungrier than others, though.

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