Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

What a week!

I have ficced! I have recced! I have enjoyed the cultural amenities our society offers! Because sometimes people (from outside LJ—gasp!) want to keep tabs on what I’ve done, I’m putting links to everything here.

First, because it was Giles Week, by decree of dontgetanyolder , I did a drabble and a ficlet in honor of the occasion.

Title: Miss Understandings
Author: Rebcake
Word count: 100
Characters: Harmony, Giles
Prompt: Under
Summary: Harmony continues to master the art of cultural exchange.

Giles was sure it had been a mistake to come.

Title: The Lioness on The Cheese Grater
Author: Rebcake
Prompt: still_grrr 's 152 – Classic Lit (Lysistrata by Aristophanes)
Rating: PG13 for innuendo
Word count: 275
Character: Giles
Summary: An evening of light reading turns a young(ish) man’s thoughts to, um, spring.
A/N: Yes, I’ve quoted the play rather liberally. Once you get started, it’s hard…

Why do you summon us...

Then, because it was time for recommendations on buffyversetop5 of good work created in 2009, I had to put in my two cents. Here are the lists I came up with.

Remembering Lorne (be sure to check the comments for even more links)
The Lighter Side of Spuffy
Vampire Unlife BS (Before Sunnydale)
Scenes from Another Perspective
Hard Times in the Buffyverse
Hard Times in the Buffyverse (Buffy & Spike Edition)

A few of my pieces were recced, which was nifty.

I have been to the movies three times in the last few weeks (Sherlock Holmes, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) and all were really good and the last two very inventive. All three films were by directors with a very distinctive point of view, and whatever you think of the work of Guy Ritchie, Wes Anderson, and Terry Gilliam, they are auteurs in the real sense. Nobody else would have made those films they way they did. Project Runway and Chuck are beginning, Dollhouse is ending. Buffy Season 8 #31 fulfilled my girlish fantasies. Or something. Pop culture is awesome.

In real life news, another of my esteemed brothers-in-law (my side of the family, this time) has had a great artistic success, and I urge you to take a look at the very cool thing he’s doing. If you’re in NYC, you can even look at it in person!

Times Square Valentine

Also, I added a son-in-law this week. My first ever! (I expect to be posting about his artistic successes one day, as well.) The wedding went just as they’d always dreamed, which is to say it was just the two of them and an officiant on a Caribbean beach. This is why you haven’t heard anything about the hair-pulling stresses of wedding planning in this space. Bless you, Miss AD, now dubbed Mrs. AD! We will have a party/reception later in the year to commemorate the blessed event with all and sundry.

We are lucky, lucky folks to have all this good fortune and these wonderful people in our lives. Others have really suffered this week, and my heart aches for them.
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