Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Things keep on happening!

I got a pretty in the December 2009 round over at still_grrr, and I tied myself!

I also tied with deird1, which means there was a 3-way tie for third place in the ficlets division. It's sort of cool, because it shows that there is lots of consistently high quality stuff being posted. I like to think that, anyway. It could also mean that there are too few votes being cast. If you are a member of that illustrious community (and if not, why not?) won't you consider going over and casting your vote for the wonderful January entries for Classic Literature? Seriously, there are some awesome stories to be found there.

Which brings me to my rec. We may know beer_good_foamy as the guy with the funny outlook (and bless him for that), but he has done a dizzying short piece that pretty much tore my guts out, and required multiple hankies. It's a Dollhouse piece, with ultra-mega-extreme spoilers for Season 2 finale "Epitaph Two", so do not click if you haven't finished the series. But if you have, don't miss:


But more about me! The Shades of Grey Awards folks got up the shiny banners for the lucky (and grateful) winners of the last round, and here's mine:

Additionally, my Joyce fic, Violet Eyes are Smiling, has been nominated in Round 3 of the No Rest for the Wicked Awards in the I Was Made To Love You (best romance/fluff) category. Thanks, kindly nominator!
Tags: awards/noms, recs
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