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I bring tidings...

The big news is that brutti_ma_buoni, sentine, and I have taken on the mod-ship of The BIG Buffy and Angel Fandom Project, Phantasmagoria! The community was set up a couple of years ago to provide a place to post all kinds of fan work inspired by each and every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (the Series). Fanfiction, artwork, meta, videos, poems, recs, links: all are welcome. So far, the comm is up to the BtVS Season 3 episode Revelations, and we will be starting up under the new management on March 1st with Lover's Walk! To which I say: woo hoo!

In the meantime, we are having an Open Season Free-For-All Catch-Up Round! So head over and post anything you like about any episode up to and including Revelations. Do it by Sunday, February 28th at midnight in your time zone. While you think about doing that, also consider dropping by to take our fantas_magoria POLL, which will help us steer the comm in the direction that works best for everybody. C'mon, you know you love the clicky! Also, please tell your friends! Spread the word! All that jazz!

Since MiAmor heard the news, he's been striding about, singing "We are the mods!" from Quadrophenia. Silliness abounds.

My Darla-inspires-Jonathan-Swift ficlet, Moist and Delicious, has been nominated in Round 20 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, in the Best Gen and Best Quickie categories. In the latter category, so far it's just me and nautibitz ! *falls over*

My Xander drabble, Pillow Fight, has been nominated in Round 3 of the Absence of Light Awards, an awards community I never thought would feature my work, since my angst quotient is pretty low. But, I liked that drabble and it's not real cheerful, so I'm game. AND, there's a pretty:

Absence of Light Awards

Sincere thanks, kind nominators! Those "you are nominated" messages bring a little sunshine on a rainy day, you know? I'm also happy to see so many friends on those "nominee" lists. Y'all rock!
Tags: awards/noms, fantas_magoria
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