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90% of Everything is Showing Up...

March has been busy, in a non-fandom sort of way. I kept up with my modly duties at fantas_magoria , and just now managed to (finally) post a new ficlet there, but mostly it's been work, work, work of the non-fic kind. Here's my multi-crossover nod to Gingerbread:

Title: Everyday Heroes
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 625
Summary: A typical school day for Buffy, circa Gingerbread.
A/N: A few kids from other schools now attend Sunnydale High. See if you can spot the non-Joss teen comedies!
Disclaimer: I used a smidge of dialog from the episode, but I don't own anything or anyone!


I also read a story this week that got me all excited! It hits my kink of alternative perspective and it's superb. It might be the best-written piece I've found so far this year:

The Monsters Are Due in Washington Square by liz_marcs
Nothing’s the same after the monsters come to town. Set 15+ years post-Chosen, this story shows us the surviving Scoobies through the eyes of an outsider, and the view is like nothing you’d imagine. PG13. Five chapters, complete.


So, I didn't come up with much for you guys in March, but look! I got some shiny stuff for being all productive in January and February!

And then, because I was being silly, I got these:

Tee! I'm especially excited about that Bongo Beatnik Bobblehead Award! It's, like, craaaazy, man! The drabble that brought that award, I saw the best minds of my generation, starving hysterical naked, has also been nominated at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards! Strangely, it was nominated in the Best Plot category, as well as Best Quickie Fic. I appreciate the gesture, but I politely declined the "Best Plot" nom, since it was just 100 words, and any plot therein would be better described as hints of plot. I suspect I will flesh it out into a longer story at some point and then we'll see if there's any there there. Still, a nomination is a glorious thing! Thank you, whichever one of you did this!
Tags: awards/noms, buffy, fic, recs
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