Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Fly by

Things are crazy, as I knew they would be.

• Last week, MiAmor managed to tear a calf muscle while walking down the street. Weirdly, he is not happy about being under doctor's orders to stay on the couch with the remote for two weeks.
• Last Saturday was the boffo "Four! Four! Four Events in One Day" at McDiva's school, at which I am PTA Pres. Due to the above injury, I was without my trusty pack mule lieutenant. He's the charming one, you see. Mothers' Day was spent recovering. It almost worked, too.
• Monday was the election of new PTA officers, and at the last minute I found an sucker excellent candidate to take my place next year. Victory!
• Today, my mom is having major surgery, in another state. It is surgery that I would categorize as elective, though she would not. It's a constant source of friction. I am worried because major is major, elective or not.
• Saturday is my eldest stepdaughter's wedding reception, and I am mom-in-charge-of-planning-due-to-living-in-the-same-town, though will be not-official-mom on the day of the event. We gave in to the impulse to buy new clothes, and McDiva's new dress is a stunner! (Calvin Klein, clearance rack, Ross, FTW!) I will in no way measure up.

There are various other bits of excitement, and while almost all of them are fun and frolicksome, there are just too many of them between now and my seasonal_spuffy posting day. Not to mention the spuffy_wonder art-to-fic piece due at the end of May. I knew this would happen. Still, please be understanding if I am not commenting that my usual rate. I'm checking in whenever I can, but then I must flit off and deal with (mostly fun) things. A lot.

You'd all make me extra-specially giddy if you were able to post something over at fantas_magoria this week. It's Doppelgängland week, and who doesn't love an umlaut?
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