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Fannish Fan Dance

I know I've been a bad poster. The fic, it is sporadic. The Con report is non-existent. I haunt the wonderful comms, but I don't contribute enough. My commenting has been infrequent. Such is summer. However, the kid started high school a week ago, the new schedule is officially in effect, and there's every chance that I'll be able to power on soonish.

The summer has not been a total fandom bust, however. I've figured out a few things.

1. I don't like to watch TV shows. I like to watch lovely, boxed sets of fun and thought-provoking television entertainment. That are pretty. What this means is that I am behind on just about everything. True Blood? Halfway through Season 2. Supernatural? Just finished Season 4, although seeing the first 5 minutes of Season 5 last fall led me to immediately snap off the TV and run out to get Season 1-4 on DVD. (Which ones do I like best? No surprise: the AU ones! The Trickster ones, the B&W one, the Ghostfacers ones, the awesome back-to-back Smith & Wesson and LARP ones. I am predictable, to myself.) I am, however, all caught up on Doctor Who, since they showed the season finale at Comic-Con! Woo hoo! I enjoyed both the opening and closing eps of the Eleventh Doctor's first season at cons, with hundreds of people hooting along with me!

2. After 25 years, Comic-Con is officially too big for me. I still had fun...but probably not for much longer.

3. I'm still engaged with BtVS. The comics dampened my enthusiasm quite a bit and I don't think I'm alone in that. As the fic machine that is all of us seemed to wind down, I thought, oh, all the the stories have been told, so meh. Wrong. Wrongity wrong. I'll never catch up on all the good old stuff, but there is really excellent new stuff, too. Over the weekend, I finally dipped into West of the Moon, East of the Sun by knifeedgefic, and was completely captivated. I was initially put off by the summary, which made it sound like hollydb's Dreamscape. I really liked Dreamscape, but I'd, you know, already read it, so didn't see the point of dipping into the same territory when it had already been done so well. But right off the bat, it's clear that it's an entirely different animal. It's an epic — expected to be 70 chapters — and more like unbridled_b's Forward To Time Past in that it's such a complete tapestry, though no time travel that I can see. It really honors the source material. I mean, it's a Spuffy story, but by chapter 26 or so, there hasn't been so much as a chaste kiss between them. If you're one of those folks who hate it when there's no believable build-up to the romance will not be disappointed, and those of you who like a ton of plot, likewise. Me, I'm really happy with all the excellent Joyce we get. Check it out.

4. I'm more interested in what writers are up to than what actors are up to, BUT there are a few things coming up that kinda, sorta combine both with the greater Buffyverse, so I'm all in.

First, Juliet Landau is doing a personal appearance this Saturday night at my local comic shop — 5 blocks away! She'll take photos with attendees, and the proceeds go to, and she'll sign autographs and proceeds go to...Juliet Landau. I'm totally up to the photo portion of things!

Second, Tom Lenk (Buffy), Sasha Roiz (Caprica), and (drumroll, please) Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse) are appearing in a play produced by Jane Espenson at the LA Gay & Lesbian Community Center next month, and MiAmor got us tickets! Flail! I'm all atwitter.

Third, Miss Jane E, (newly announced staff writer for Season 4 of Torchwood) is going to be a guest at the LA Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey, next February, and McDiva and I will probably attend, as her friends attend every year and why not. It's a hell of a lot smaller than Comic-Con!

That's all for now!
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