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First, happy belated birthday to mere_ubu , the rootinest, tootinest fandom dropout in the whole USA! I cannot say how much I miss your little amuses bouches, doll!fics, and tales of domestic misadventure. I've taken on the task of cleaning out the Augean Stables my office, with you as my inspiration. No brassieres have turned up yet, but I live in hope...

Next, I have the most slight of all S8 #36 comic wanks. It concerns the bugs. Bug One! Bug Three! Spike is their Glorious Leader, and why wouldn't he be? He ought to be appreciated by somebody. When speaking of this with sueworld2003 , I began to wonder if the bugs are a metaphor. A metaphor for Spike fans, to be exact. I mean, no matter what the writers do to stomp us out, they can't seem to ever destroy us. The more virulent the poison, the stronger we grow. We live on the slightest of scraps. In the least hospitable conditions we grow more numerous and less susceptible to the toxins of the 'verse. Spike cannot differentiate between us, but still we faithfully serve him. We cannot be killed! Individually, perhaps, but not in our thousands.

Whadaya think? Do the creators think of us as giant cockroaches? How surprised would you be if they did? /snark

More news: I've put a couple of stories up on some comms in the last few weeks, but forgot to mention it here. Until now!

Title: Urban Myth
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 282
Characters: Spike/Buffy, Willow

Buffy ponders an anti-smoking slogan, post-Something Blue.

Title: Gray Into Gold
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1150
Characters: Giles, Wood, and the Angel Team
A/N: A sequel to the story of Robin Wood’s early professional life, The Front Lines

Robin Wood had never liked the New Council of Slayers’ willingness to ally itself with Not-Actively-Doing-Evil demons.

Last, MiAmor and McDiva are chomping at the bit to get DVDs of Doctor Who Season 5. We aren't much fussed about region. Is it available yet in Blighty?
Tags: birthday, buffy, comics, fic, spike, tv party

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