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Fic updates! It's (not) a miracle!

Yes, I know it's comics Wednesday, but I haven't anything to say as I've not read it yet and I'm sorta kinda trying to stay unspoiled for once. Give me a couple of hours and I'll be up to speed. In the meantime, I bring fic!

Yesterday was my seasonal_spuffy posting day, and I even posted well before midnight! Victory!

Title: Feels Like Heaven
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13 for Spike’s language.
Word Count: 4,200
Summary: Buffy’s not in a good place. Dawn suspects Spike can help.
Warnings: Angsty angst.
A/N: This is a post-NFA fic in which the events of the S8 comics are mentioned, but they didn’t actually happen. Clear? Okay then!

Dawn met Spike at the reception area. “You look like crap...”

I also squeaked by and posted a new story on Halloween for Monster Month at sb_fag_ends, a community for short Spike/Buffy fic and art.

Title: Mystery Date
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 700
Prompt: Werewolves vs. Vampires
Summary: Wherein Buffy and Willow discuss their man troubles. Set post-Something Blue but before Willow gets heavy with Tara. Another Season 4 Chocolate Therapy interlude.

"I know it’s the Hellmouth, but we’re 0-for-3 here! Our track record with apocalypses is hotter than with guys..."

The above story may contain a few more sports metaphors than I would normally use, because of my home team being in the World Series! Which they handily won on Monday, btw. In case you missed it. San Francisco! Woot! Anyway, madness ensued, I ate too much Halloween candy, and now I have palpitations. Or maybe those are because of election day? Which, once again: San Francisco: Woot! Many, many other places: bummer.

The other fic-related item is that my funny little Lysistrata-inspired story The Lioness on the Cheese Grater (Giles), was nominated for a couple of Running With Scissors Awards! It is indeed an honor. Thanks, kindly nominator!

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