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Am I on a ship or a raft?

[personal profile] slaymesoftly  was talking about the variety of pairings that she's written, and she has written a cubic ton over the years, bless her.

So, since I'm supposed to be doing something else, I had a look through my (much smaller than hers) catalog, and I think I am the gen-est of shippers. I blame my slavish devotion to canon.

So far, the only romantic/sexual pairings I have written that deviate in any way from canon pairings and canon schedule are:

1. Mr. Gordo/Miss Edith
2. Wishverse vamp!Xander/Angel/Spike
3. D'Hoffryn/Skip
4. Spike/Illyria (sort of)
5. Spike/Other Male (It was 1958, he and Dru were at a masked ball...she was cool with it.)

There are a few canon pairings that I only address when one of the participants reminisces:

1. Joyce/Giles
2. Xander/Faith
3. Willow/Oz

Which leaves the only canon pairings I deal with as they are happening:

1. Spike/Dru
2. Spike/Buffy

Both of which I ship hard. AND, I haven't quite managed to get Spike and Buffy into the sack before Season 6. The only thing I've written about their "canon" sex life is a pr0ny set of Season 6 limericks. Everything else "romantic" as opposed to "pre-romantic" is pretty much post-Chosen.

I know that some people are sort of fed up with too much sex in their fic, which I completely understand, but perhaps it's possible to go too far in the opposite direction? *shrugs* I mean, is it a ship if the people involved merely drift past one another and think real hard? If it was my love life we were discussing, I'd say emphatically, "No". Nuh uh. Not hardly. But fic isn't life, or so I understand. So, am I a bad shipper? Or an excellent canon whore? Both? Neither? *sigh* Fandom is hard, yo.
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