Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Fic season! Drama season!

I ficced again this week. It's almost a trend!

Title: Stay Frosty
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 920
Characters: Cordelia, Angel, Wesley, and Jhiera (from She)
Summary: Cordelia has a solution for the newest heat wave.

Cordelia had noticed that Angel very obviously did not look at people’s necks...

I almost never write in the Angelverse, though I try to take the things that happened there into account when writing in the Buffyverse. I am also light on fic from the early seasons of Buffy, which means that I've never written Cordelia before now, although I love and admire her. The reason I finally dipped into Angel is that I have a deep — and apparently not widely shared — fondness for the episode She. Which just happens to be coming up starting on Monday at that very glamorous and inclusive Buffy-and-Angel-by-the-episode LiveJournal community, Phantasmagoria! Mostly I'm gonna wait and share the squee over there, and I'd be thrilled if anybody wanted to join me!

Entertainment stuff:

This week MiAmor rushed out to get DVDs of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Doctor Who Season 5. I've already watched the SP disc twice, even though I saw it in the theatre, and my admiration for Edgar Wright is now fully cemented. Going to the SP panel was the highlight of Comic-Con for me, and finally convinced me that my darling Edgar is, in fact, not Nick Frost, as they were both on stage at the same time. Also, my darling Edgar is an imp: voluble, entertaining, and mischievous. Nick is also very funny, but not hardly a sprite. Yes, my two new writer crushes of the year, Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) and Edgar Wright are both Brits adapting new world comics for the screen. So, so predictable is Rebcake.

This weekend is chockful of live entertainment here in San Francisco! We are going to see/hear the SF Symphony this afternoon, just as we did last Saturday. Tomorrow is the final performance of McDiva's school musical, I Remember Mama, a story of the immigrant experience in San Francisco, which has been a lot of fun for her. It's the first show for which she's been a full-time tech and it's been fun and educational, as you'd hope for a Theatre Technology program. Tonight we grownups are going to see Tom Lenk Live in San Francisco! which I am convinced in advance will be a hoot!

Life continues to be grand.
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