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Why reboot when you can remix?

Joss' little misdirect about Whit Stillman and Wes Anderson doing the Buffy reboot is sort of inspired, I think. If only movies weren't so expensive, it might be fun for various creators to put their own imprimateur on beloved classics.

Baz Lurhmann re-doing Buffy?
Pedro Almodovar re-doing Blade Runner?
Tim Burton re-doing 2001: A Space Oddyssey?
Terry Gilliam re-doing  Alien?
Gus Van Sant re-doing Psycho?

Oh, wait. Never mind. Still, lots of fic writers have fun with the re-mix concept, so theoretically an auteur with a distinctive point of view could make something very different, weird, and wonderful from existing works in film as well. It happens. Just...not that often. Usually because the directors who have the kind of vision I'm talking about are more interested in telling their own stories. Lucky for us.

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