Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Happy Epiphany or something like it

Couple of things!

Tuesday was McDiva's 15th birthday, as well as that of penny_lane_42 and molly_may ! Happy belated birthday to some great gals! McDiva seemed to transform into some sort of sophisticate overnight, with the help of some additional ear piercings and a new haircut. She got so many "You're so pretty!" comments that she reported being a little creeped out. Just the overture, sweetie...

Also, snickfic reminded me that I never know what to do with drabbles over on AO3, and I think I've decided to make a separate "pseud" just for drabbles, so that they can all live together in peace and harmony, but not clutter up the listing for longer stories. I'd love for you to help me decide what to use!

Poll #1665026 Rebcake's Quest for Identity

What name should I use for posting drabbles on AO3?

Something else that I will suggest in the comments

I'm not wedded to any of them, and would entertain some other idea entirely.

Note to my Brit Friends: Tom Lenk is doing a 3-night run of his one man show in London starting tonight, and if you are in the area, you should go. MiAmor and I had a great time (along with eurydice72 and her hubby) at the SF show, although I was remiss in writing up a review. Song, art, and sex were all handled with amusing self-deprecation. If it is any inducement, he also had a fabulous Buffy-related prize for one knowledgeable audience member. (Not me, alas.)

General question: Does the coding go all wonky on posts when you include polls? I don't remember it doing so before, but I'm having weirdness on both DW and LJ. Grrr.
Tags: birthday, poll, rl
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