Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Am I too late for joy?

Piffle! It's never too late! Except when it is. *ponders*

I've been home with a sick kid for a few days, but there's been plenty of joy, and some of it from fandom! Can I get a woo and a hoo? 'Cos you guys are great!

First thing to celebrate is the announcement of the winners in Round Nine of the Running with Scissors Awards! There's some great stuff on the list, including a few things by some friends who happen to be excellent writers. So congratulations to brutti_ma_buoni ,duh_i_read , rahirah , and moscow_watcher  among others! Well done, all. My silly Giles piece won something, too! Whee! The mods haven't released the pretties yet, only the list of winners, but those are always intensely gorgeous and it just gives us something to look forward to, right?

Also, the buffyversetop5 recommendation site has been going full steam, and I've been viewing and reading tons of stuff that I missed. Which admittedly slows down the writing a bit, but I'm getting a lot out of it. Also, I just happened to luck out and make the 1,000th rec post to the site, which led to fabulous prizes! Virtual confetti, champagne, as well as a couple of months of paid LJ time, and a couple of years worth of extra icons! It brought a joyful tear to my eye, let me tell you! Thank you to the very generous mods, and thanks to all the people who are giving us such great recs! Especially those that are reccing my stories, of course. ;-} I've got a few lists still to post over there, though the more I delay, the more of my favorites get picked off highlighted by listmakers more fleet than I. Maybe I won't have to post anything more because all the good stuff will have already been recc'ed? Ha! Never happen. We could definitely use more pre-series lists, which I'm having trouble compiling from my foggy memory bank. Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful (long) weekend, my lovelies! Think not of the inevitable betrayals of (some of) our fellow men, but the promised land we make of our existence here on earth through kindness, thoughtfulness, and the act of creation.

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Tags: awards/noms, recs

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