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I am incapable of doing the 30 Days of BtVS meme because this concept of "favorite" just doesn't work for me. I mean, my Top 10 Episodes list has 21 episodes on it! So 30 questions about "favorites" would be torture.

However, besides the obvious (Spike! Fool For Love! Doppelgangland!) that everybody on my f-list is saying anyway, there is one thing that I have an opinion about. Favorite song is...wait for it...the Buffy Theme! Woo hoo! Twice an episode! Done in a funny TV style for the musical! Covered by The Breeders and a few lounge combos for extra enjoyment. I lurve it so much. Of course, I hail from a time when one minute songs were considered revolutionary artistic pinnacles.

Did I mention that I like rock instrumentals as a general rule? My other favorite TV theme is (no surprise) Hawaii 5-O.

Honorable mentions: "Faith In Love" by Devil Doll (the panther crawl song), "Bohemian Like Me" by The Dandy Warhols (I think it underlines what a creep Parker is), and "Blue" by Joss and Angie Hart (Conversations With Dead People). I like a lot of the music, actually. I have CDs. That is all.
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