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WonderCon Notes & DW Codes

I have eleven DreamWidth codes for people who'd like to join up, which is looking better by the hour, is it not? Just drop me a comment here or there, and I'll set you up.

I am up to my neck in RL and seasonal_spuffy  prep, so my commenting is way down. Please forgive me. I will catch up. Probably.

I still made time for WonderCon last weekend, which is in my fair city (San Francisco) and which has become McDiva's annual birthday bash, although its date drifts farther away from her actual birthday every year. Here are some highlights:

• McDiva and friends continue to be awesome.

• At the Dark Horse panel, there was some interesting news about what's coming up in the Whedonverse, most of which interested parties have probably already heard. The real news, to me, was that there were very few audience members on hand, and so few questions about what's coming up in Buffy Season 9 that they cut the panel short by 20 minutes. I've never seen a panel go short in 25 years of con-going.

• The Doctor Who panel with Neil Gaiman and Mark Sheppard was...bliss. Something about smart, creative Brits of either gender really does it for me. Tsk. (Last year it was Jane Goldman, remember.) Plus we got neato tee shirts! And it looks like Nixon is going to be getting into a spot of trouble with the Doctor in the next season, and who doesn't like that scenario? Just a couple more weeks, folks. Oh! They showed a clip of the Gaiman episode (#4) and it looks very Gaiman-ish, with twisted-up creepy raggedy out-of-time people. Interesting how a writer can put his stamp on the art direction, eh? He mentioned that his episode was supposed to be in the first season, but they ran out of money and so they did The Lodger instead. I'm very glad they did The Lodger, and I'm sure his ep, The Doctor's Wife, will be worth the wait.

• I wasn't able to formulate a question at the Dark Horse panel on Friday, but by Sunday I had one! I was then able to talk at some length with Sierra Hahn, who will be co-editing S9, and who is a sweetie who has always been an absolute darling when I've been by the DH offices with MiAmor. I'm afraid I took up rather a lot of her time, poor thing. We had various things to talk about, not all Buffy-related, but I did finally ask her if there would be more of an emphasis on what is motivating the characters in the next season. This lead to a rather surprising and detailed unprompted apology for how S8 "failed". (Please do not link this to anybody who would give Sierra a hard time. I am not a journalist and this was a casual conversation.) I was somewhat reassured that the professionals working on the book (at least the Sierra-shaped ones) are keenly aware that there were problems with the narrative, and are taking steps to do things differently. However, the writer's summit for S9 has already taken place at Joss' house, and I get the feeling that it's been "broken" into outlines already. I doubt my yammering about "motivation" will have any real impact, but I feel better knowing that at least one of the editors might think about it for an extra second when a script comes across her desk. Maybe I'll drop her a line, thanking her (again) for taking the time to listen.

• The Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog sing-along closed out the show, and seeing it on the big screen brought me to tears like it hasn't since it was fresh. You'll be happy to hear that instead of people calling out, "Shut up, Dawn!" there were cries of, "Damn you, Joss!" A couple of McDiva's friends hadn't seen it before, and one boy had his face buried in his hands during the sad parts. Awwww.

Fun was had, friends were visited with, loot was collected. A new phrase was bandied about: Nerd p'own, which means to get cool stuff (like the Doctor Who shirts) that other nerds do not have. Booyah, apparently.

Now, to get the much longer Gallifrey One Con report up...


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Apr. 6th, 2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
Hi rebcake! Since LJ seems to be drowning in footwear lately, can I have a code?

Apr. 6th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Sure! Here ya go:


Have fun! They are saying that the LJ problems are making it iffy to get a nice, clean import at the moment, but you can do it at any time, so no rush. Probably.

Apr. 6th, 2011 02:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks, rebcake.

Trying the importer thing now. Hope it works!
Apr. 7th, 2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
I would love a code if you have one. I think I better make myself an LJ over there and back up Still Grrr to DW just in case.

The real news, to me, was that there were very few audience members on hand, and so few questions about what's coming up in Buffy Season 9 that they cut the panel short by 20 minutes. I've never seen a panel go short in 25 years of con-going.

Wow. I mean...wow. Do you think maybe they are getting the picture now?

It's good to hear that at least one person at DH sees S8 as a failure. You would think from all the press, they thought it was the most awesome thing since sliced bread.
Apr. 7th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
Be my guest!


I don't think you'll need anything else to also open a community. I hope it all goes smoothly!

It's good to hear that at least one person at DH sees S8 as a failure.

I suspect they all know that it didn't work, craft-wise. They aren't dummies over there, even if their big money comes from doing Star Wars comics. Sierra pretty much said that they ran out of time. They only had so many issues in which to wrap things up, and there was too much to fit in comfortably. Rather than add to the run, they stuck to the schedule, and I think that was a big mistake. They may have satisfied their distributor, but they didn't satisfy many other people. They damaged the franchise by putting out a rough draft synopsis with an official stamp of approval, imo.

She was happy with #40, which "made it feel like Buffy again." It didn't undo the things that went wrong, in that we still don't know why the characters did what they did, but it was a step in the right direction. If they have broken the season into outlines in advance, hopefully the same problem with pacing won't crop up. *fingers crossed*

It remains to be seen if the readers who felt burned can be lured back. I know I'd given up on the IDW run, but rahirah convinced me to pick up a couple of issues of Spike and I didn't hate them!
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