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Motherly pride on Doctor Who's Eve

There's a bit of Who-fever at my house, you could say. For those who are not yet infected, tomorrow is the Season 6 premiere of the "new" Doctor Who. I'm all atwitter. Well, I don't actually do Twitter, but I did break down and do Tumblr. Sort of. Don't expect much. However, on the Official Doctor Who Tumblr page, there is a photo of my daughter and her friends in full-on Whoverse drag*:

A Doctor, a TARDIS, and three Daleks walk into a con...

Are they not adorable? McDiva is the TARDIS. She designed and constructed her dress herself, as did the Doctor (Eleven), who also created the pattern for the Daleks. They won the "Best Workmanship" and "Cuddliest Presentation" awards in the Novice division at the Gallifrey One #22 Convention in February. They called themselves Cutesy Who for the purposes of the masquerade. It was pretty funny, because 1,500 people heard the name and started to jeer, but immediately switched to saying "Awwwwww" when the girls crept out on stage. Because they were just that cute.

Anyway, there are hundreds of notes on the Tumblr post about how delightful they are, which has been most gratifying to the kids. There are a couple of scattered offers of dates, which make me want to shout, "They are just kids, you louts!" But that's my issue. One of the early notes read "Homeschoolers? Homeschoolers." and while I can't figure out how to set the record straight over there, I can assure you that these girls are not homeschooled — although their parents are awesome, obviously — but are instead "art schoolers". Public (that's "government" to you Brits, I believe) Art School, no less. Thank you San Francisco Unified School District and all its supporters!

My fandom is still Buffy, but I'll be watching to see the gang tomorrow. Also, Mark Sheppard (of Firefly and Dollhouse) will be in the first couple of episodes. I know he plays despicable creatures a lot, but I find him very alluring. It's that smart Brit thing, against which I am apparently helpless.

*Remember when they used to call it "dress up"? Now it's cosplay, but I still like to call it drag.

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