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Notes from the Con floor

Comic-Con has had an acceptable fun ratio, so far. I wasn't able to go to the Ringer panel, because a) MiAmor's panel was at the same time and b) I refuse to stand in line for hours this year. However, the Buffy and LGBT Fandom panel, featuring Jane Espenson, Tom Lenk, and (less thrillingly) Scott Allie, was totally worth the just-okayness of the rest of my day. Oh, fandom! You are so amazing and thoughtful. I ♥ you so! I took notes! More to come.

The highlight of the Jo Chen panel was the revelation that she was the one who suggested some Spike/Angel in the "Darkest" web comic, which was my favorite Buffy thing that year. It makes sense, what with her background in yaoi. Apparently, Joss asked her what she'd like to have in their 3-page colllaboration, and she requested some boy-on-boy vamp action. Naturally, he was very excited. Lucky us.

The other good thing was seeing the third episode of Torchwood along with John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, the guy who plays Rex, the gal who plays Sally Sparrow Esther, and (swoon) Jane. She wrote the episode, and it's my favorite yet, though I'm not loving the show like I did Caprica. There's more lulz and Jack being Jack in #3, though, so that appeals.

Barrowman was on fire, as usual, leaping from chair to chair, propositioning audience members, and threatening to sing. (He didn't.) It was a happy crowd. The kids were excited to get masks at the end, though we agreed the "V for Vendetta" masks from a few years back were even better.

So far today, I missed the Torchwood panel and the Tin Tin panel due to the not waiting in line for hours rule. As it's not even noon yet, I imagine I might find something to amuse myself...

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