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I'm missing a trope! Have you seen it anyplace?

Hey, y'all! You might have noticed that I love this one TV show with the power of a thousand high-efficiency solar panels, right? It's called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and how silly is that? It's got all this stuff that gets me every time — sassy heroine who almost always triumphs, funny dialogue, complex story lines with dozens of characters, a little sex, a little politics, a little mythology, and a twisty surprise in every package. But! I just realized what it doesn't have that I also love!

The cynical and sarcastic wing-gal with the heart of gold who has never (ever) been a nun.

Where is she? Where is the Eve Arden, Joan Blondell, Thelma Ritter, or Jane Russell to our Buffy? The gal that's got the heroine's back, and pushes her to be fearless in the face of impossible situations, usually of the romantic sort, even though she's pretty sure that love is doomed? While cracking wise? Don't tell me that she disappeared with the advent of second wave feminism! That would be a terrible blow. Plus, I saw Bridesmaids, and that girl was the heroine!

Willow was never worldly enough to fit the trope. Faith got to be that girl for, like, an episode and a half. Cordy could have been, but she hid her heart of gold (even from herself) until it was too late for her to click with Buffy. Anya had the world-weariness, but little interest in what went on in Buffy's private life. Dawn was too young, but maybe she can fill the role now that she's grown up? I have hopes.

Spike would've been good in the part, but he can't be her best girlfriend because a) he's not actually a girl, and b) he's got a vested interest in her romantic choices. Oh! Is this the queer twist I've been searching for? Is the sarcastic best friend just hiding their desire for the lead? Well, not usually, but I can see the possibilities...

How about you guys?

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