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Good times and less so

I was happy and a little surprised to see that my funny little Superstar!verse Harmony story was awarded a pretty in the latest round of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards! Lookit!

SMFA Round 24 Best Song Fic Award

In my opinion, everything is even prettier with Gunn on it... There are some terrific stories on the winner's list, which you should go read if you haven't already. No surprise, many talented friends also won awards and I salute you all! I'm always happy to see the good stuff get recognition.

I observed September 11 by making sure to call my little sister. It's her birthday, you see, and ten years ago, when she lived and worked in lower Manhattan, she didn't get any birthday calls. Considering all the the horrendous events of that day, it might seem like a small thing to miss getting birthday greetings in the pre-Facebook era. And it is, of course. But, if I've learned anything from that day — and I learned precious little, I'm afraid — it's that we should cherish our loved ones at every opportunity. We'd lost our only other sister three years before, on Thanksgiving Day, and my family has had enough of this conflation of national celebrations and personal tragedies, and vice versa. (I urge whoever is responsible for arranging these things to keep that in mind. Thanks so much in advance.)

Here's to you, sweetie! In the past ten years you've weathered being on the evacuation line for both the Twin Towers bombing and the latest hurricane, completed your graduate degree, married a great guy, buried a parent, moved to Brooklyn, and had a beautiful and brilliant child*. If I had the power, I might wish you a less interesting life, but I'm so proud of all you've accomplished, and the way you've kept all your kindness and humor intact through it all. Happy birthday!

*I am aware that some of the people on my f-list think they have the "world's cutest nephew". Respectfully, you are mistaken. ;-)

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