Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

¡Belated Birthday Besos!

Okay, so imagine I'm air-kissing you all just like The Doctor. *smek, smek* Are you getting it? Great! Air kissing is normal, right?

It was my birthday the other day, as well as the birthday of a large number of very cool fandom folks!

Happy birthday abelina! brunettepet! snickfic! and spuffyduds! Not to mention the not-so-much-around-anymore lauratd, _sharvie_, and kathylovesspike! It's an amazing line-up, isn't it? Makes me wonder if there was something in the water...

Many f-listies sent wonderful greetings my way, all of which were very much appreciated. slaymesoftly, green_maia, and 2maggie2 sent me some festive v-prezzies! petzipellepingo, louise39, itsayamsham, and eilowyn made delightful birthday posts! To top it all off kerkevik wrote a drabble just for me — Tears of a Witch — and coalitiongirl had a baby! (Join the massive birthday club, BBCG! You're gonna have a blast!)

In RL, I went to the opera, saw some super-theatrical klezmer, got to watch The Doctor air-kissing some more, and had some dear ones over for cake! Because I'm all about the cake and the kissin'!

Whew! So eventful! Now I am buckling down to get some content together for my [community profile] seasonal_spuffy  day later this week, and prepping the house for a passel of out-of-towners! My comments may be on the light side for a bit...

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