Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

'Tis very nearly the season!

I may be getting a bit excited about the holidays this year! Some of you look forward to Yuletide, but as it focuses on small fandoms and I am pretty much still all about the Buffyverse, it doesn't tempt me much. However! It looks like there could be an alterna-Yuletide that would include infrequently written Buffyverse women, and that sounds perfectly festive to me! Follow along at rarewomen!

It's nearly time to sign up for noel_of_spike, but you can weigh in with your preferences now. I also just discovered another seasonal gem, btvs_santa, which is a Secret Santa fan work exchange community. Go! Make a wish!

But the fun doesn't stop at year's end! winter_of_faith is accepting sign-ups right now for dates through January, and a Wishverse ficathon is being planned for late winter/early spring over at wishverse_fic.

After a fallow summer, it looks like I might actually finish off this year and start the next awash in fic! What could be more jolly?

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