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Season 9, Issue 5: Some positive and some neutral points

And yeah, this is gonna be a short entry.

I live in San Francisco, so I've been on tenterhooks about how My Fair City would be presented in Season 9 of the Buffy comics. Up until this issue, it's been pretty clear that whoever is doing the art (and writing the thing) was not from around here. The most egregious error was putting Buffy in a courtyard apartment with a pool. Such places simply do not exist here, for various reasons, although they are plentiful Down There in Southern California. However, pages 8 & 9 of the most recent issue show a streetscape that I can totally believe. So go you, guest artist Karl Moline! You've either been here and looked around, or you do good, solid research! Kudos for that.

Also, Willow is very pretty in this issue. Buffy looks — if not exactly like herself — like a grown-up for a change. Which, given the subject matter: thank god. And...that's about all I've got, since my mama told me not to say anything if I couldn't say something nice.

But then there's the marketing and publicity to drive home that the work needs outside clarification — i.e., has trouble standing on its own. Editor Scott Allie explained that yes, Buffy was indeed impregnated while blackout drunk at her housewarming party and has no idea who the father might be. While I'm not sure I care enough to speculate about the father's identity, I am amused by the positions being staked out on I'm curious why nobody's short list of possible babydaddies includes Buffy's roommate. (Except for joans_journal, I just noticed. *waves*) I mean, c'mon, the guy's name is Tumble! It's perhaps too obviously Dickensian a name choice for Joss, but you know he likes a little word play. I'm not saying he's the one, I'm just saying it's possible. Unless I missed something in my admittedly cursory reading of the first few issues? Is he gay or something and it escaped my keen powers of observation? Wouldn't be the first time.

Whatever. Time will tell. I've noticed much lamenting in fandom about the situation Buffy finds herself in. Pregnant, single, and underemployed are kind of the triple whammy, especially in these United States, where crappy jobs generally mean no health care coverage. However, in San Francisco employers are required to provide health insurance for ALL workers, even minimum wage earners. So, that's at least one headache Buffy won't have, thanks to the voters of her adopted city. Go us! Commie pinko socialism rules!

If you don't live in San Francisco (or Europe, or Canada, or Australia) and you find yourself worrying how women in Buffy's position get prenatal care in your area, you might consider making a donation to Planned Parenthood. Just saying.

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