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Shallow BtVS 9.6 Observations

First, the local stuff was really excellent. Buffy and Robin do up North Beach in actual North Beach places (Vesuvio! Tosca!) that look right and everything! Of course, the detective calling Fisherman's Wharf "The Embarcadero" was incorrect, but it's an understandable error as one sort of runs into the other. And the pool art was SO PRETTY that I might have to forgive them for putting a pool in where it doesn't belong. See? I'm letting it go.... *waves goodbye*

You know what else was pretty? Robin "The PrinciPAL" Wood! I know I'm in scant company thinking he's pretty much the hottest thing that ever happened on Buffy ('cept Spike, naturally), but c'mon! Hottie McHotterson. However, what's he doing there? I thought he was in Cleveland. It's not like a person in Cali can just call a person in Cleveland and meet them a couple hours later in North Beach. It's a pretty darned big country and we unfortunately haven't invented transporter beams yet.  Maybe he took a job at a troubled school across the bay in Oakland or something, now that the Council is in ruins. (Is the Council in ruins? Am I talking myself into another "Robin Does School Like a Boss" fic?) I sorta think they should have had a line of explanation for how he's physically there, but I'm funny like that. I want to know if he's passing through or one of the cast of local characters. Establish your scene, people!

I'm always happy to see more Nikki, and adore a flashback, but I'm sorta just okay with it here. It wasn't...lyrical. Or something. IDEK. Crowley's facial hair was very exciting, though. The Jeanty cover wherein the cover artwork has nothing at all to do with the story inside is perfect for the time period. Good joke, guys.

I'm also always happy to see more Spike (unless they're ruining him) so that was good. I was impressed with his dramatic leap out of the spaceship. Very action hero. They can really play that aspect up in the comics medium, so it's nice when they do. I also got a kick out of the two guys leaning against the car, just chatting. It's a good look for them. And...I'm still waiting for the detective to announce he's gay, which Spike gave him a perfect opportunity to do, what with trying to play matchmaker for Buffy. (And Don't do that.) But the detective didn't 'fess up, so maybe I'm pinning my hopes on the wrong new character. One of 'em has got to be gay! They promised! Where is he, dad gum it?

And that about wraps up the shallow end. Until next time...

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