Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Buffy Bargain!

I have been coveting Buffy: The Chosen Collection on DVD ever since MiAmor started bringing home beat-up used versions of individual seasons, like a cat showing off a succession of dead birds. I praise him every time and appreciate the gesture, but I realized that eventually we would have 2-3 copies of every season and no shelf space. But coveting in rebcake-world doesn't mean shelling out $200, either.

Today, while I was cruising around, cursing the lack of e-mails coming from LJ, I discovered an amazing bargain! has it for $81.59, free shipping, as of (updated) today, Wednesday, Nov. 26. Update: Price war! It looks as if is ready to duke it out, and is offering it for $70, free shipping on Friday, November 21 only. It's possible that everybody on my F-list already has this little baby, or could care less, or hates commercialism, or lives overseas and will curse me for teasing them. Completely understandable. Still, I love a bargain, and I'm sharing!

More importantly, when-oh-when will we have our e-mail notifications back? It's been days, and it's annoying. I'm glad this didn't happen during seasonal_spuffy, but still! If I haven't replied to any comments, it's because I didn't get 'em yet (and probably never will). Sheesh!

Update, redux: The e-mail notifications are coming again! I'll won't get any from comments made between 8AM PST Tuesday and 11:25AM PST today (Friday), but it should be okay going forward.
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