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Nothing but good things — oooh baby baby

Spring has been busting out all over! Every Wednesday in May (at least until today) has brought a new baby into my life!

First, my eldest stepdaughter and her husband had a lovely, squeezable daughter, their first child. I may be biased but she seems awfully pretty for a newborn.

A week later, my sister and her husband produced a baby girl, their second child. She was 9 lbs. 12 oz., which sounds big, but next to Dear Old Dad, she is just a teeny thing, and seems remarkably engaged and alert for a newborn.

Yes, all of our children are above average. ;-) Doting Grandpa is there for the entire month to entertain my nephew and get in some quality time with my new niece, among other things. Lucky dog.

I am thwarted from getting my mitts on both of these beauties by being on the far side of the continent, alas. I am showering them and their moms with gifts, but it's not the same. I'm hoping for a left coast visit before too long. *fingers crossed*

The week after that, the very talented unbridled_b had a fine son. I've heard that Wednesday's Child is supposed to be full of Woe, but I think it's time to amend that to "Full of Whoa!" or "Full of Wow!" Who's with me?

The excellent Sotia (ssddgr) had her baby earlier in the month, though possibly not on a Wednesday, which means I am finally all out of enceinte acquaintances. Anybody want to take up the slack?

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