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Comic-Con Randomosity

There were a couple of moments or sightings that I just couldn't figure out. For instance, I had dinner with David Hasselhoff on Saturday night. By which I mean he and his much younger date were sitting at the next table over at the fancy Indian restaurant where MiAmor's publisher took us. He was, as you'd expect, tanned and rested, but Comic-Con just doesn't seem like the natural habitat for The Hoff, y'know?

On Friday, when we arrived for the Eisner (comic book) Awards banquet, a huge phalanx of burly security guards hustled a baseball-capped and be-sunglassed Kevin Bacon through the lobby of the hosting hotel. He must be in something as a villain (something newer than X-Men: First Class?), and he has a certain amount of Con cred because of Tremors, I suppose. But seriously, what a lot of hullabaloo for someone who is not even the most famous person there. He probably would have been more incognito if he'd just walked to the elevator with a friend. It occurred to me later that the Con crowd are the sort of people that would try to get "one degree of separation" closer to, well, everybody. So maybe his security wasn't entirely out of proportion.

More typical: While waiting for my frosty beverage at Starbucks, the worker called out "Ninja!" to summon a customer. I looked at the Elektra next to me, but she shook her head. "Not me. Wish I'd thought of it." Heh. I didn't see any other ninjas, but then, I guess I wouldn't...

I didn't make it to a lot of the panels I'd hoped to, for various reasons, but couldn't ignore the volunteers outside one panel calling out, "No waiting for William Shatner and Roger Corman! Panel about to start!" It would be sacrilegious to pass that up, wouldn't it? So I didn't. The moderator was Kevin Smith. 0_o Now that's Comic-Con!

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