Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Poll Time! What's it all about, Buffy? redux

Perhaps I'm beating a dead horse, but here goes.

I was fascinated by the huge differences in how people perceive the way Buffy and Spike start their "relationship". I'm trying to find the crux of the divergence, and here is one possibility that came to mind:

Poll #1856222 I give up! (The Buffy Edition)

When Buffy succumbs in "Smashed", is she primarily giving way to:

Her own desires?
Spike's pressure?
Neither. I will explain my theory in the comments.

Yes, yes, we know it was a combination of factors. But which was the primary motivator for Buffy, in your opinion? Was she saying to herself "Hell with it, I'm gonna get mine", or "Hell with it, I don't care, let him have what he wants"? Is she putting her needs aside or putting them first?

If you have another idea about what is at the heart of the this wide, wild, fandom disagreement, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Reposted because I confused Smashed and Wrecked. Again.
Tags: btvs, poll
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