Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Tis the season ... Awards Season! Plus, pending naughtiness!

Yesterday, I was notified that I was nominated for a Fang Fetish Award! It's for my Sheila story Don't Say Anything. I'm amazed! I sorta thought that if I was to be nominated for anything, anywhere, it would be for one of my painstakingly researched Spike/Dru historical ficlets. But no, it's the little thing I banged out before hitting the road on Thanksgiving morning, with my family rattling the car keys, saying "C'mon! Hurry up!" Isn't that always the way? In any case, I am so excited, and thank you! whichever one of you did this! (Yes, I'm quoting Stephen Sondheim.)

In other news, I am putting the finishing touches on a post that will be so f-locked it'll make your head spin. Well, it's making my head spin enough for the both of us, anyways. It's not gonna be public, is the point I'm trying to make here. In order to experience the funny/filthy, you'll have to friend me. I am a hard task-mistress.

Tags: awards/noms
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