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Fic Roundup 2012

Hey, look! It's January! My fic output continued apace last year. I never feel like I do much, and compared to many of you, I don’t. I wrote fewer stories, but because they were longer (for me) stories, the total word output is about the same as it's ever been since I began this whirlygig of fun nearly five years ago.

I wrote a few oddball crossovers, since they just tickle me:

From Hell to Hoppers 13
A BtVS/Love & Rockets crossover that takes place immediately post-Chosen. For rarewomen.
On LJ / On DW / On AO3

Pie or Death
A BtVS/Pushing Daisies ficlet, featuring Dru, because, well …daisies. For the Awesome Ladies Ficathon.
On LJ / On DW / On AO3

A Transitional Period
A Pulp Fiction/The Avengers drabble about Nick Fury. It unsurprisingly got zero responses on DW/LJ, but a decent number of hits and kudos on AO3. Heh.
On LJ / On DW / On AO3

Other than those, it’s been all Spike/Buffy this year:

Fire in the Soul
A continuing post-series San Francisco story with a souled-up Dru. I added two chapters (4 & 5) for seasonal_spuffy.
On LJ / On DW

Torte ou Morte
A post-series “Spike feeds Buffy” two-parter. For sb_fag_ends.
Part 1 On LJ / Part 2 (Prelude) On LJ / Both parts on AO3

Love Me, Love My Dog
A S2 Halloween fic. For sb_fag_ends.
On LJ / On AO3

Whose Torment Is This, Anyway?
A reimagining of the Season 5 AtS episode Destiny. Originally started for spuffy_wonder, I finally finished it for letsgetitdone.
On LJ / On DW / On AO3 / On BSV / On TSR / On EF

The Vamp Around the Corner
A medium-length Season 5 alternate reality story, wherein the Slayer becomes intrigued with her mother's new neighbor, but he's got lots of secrets. For noel_of_spike.
On LJ / On AO3 / On BSV / On TSR / On EF

I wrote a bit about some Cons. I hung out with some delightful fandom friends in RL. I also wrote a few dribs and drabs about the Buffy comics, nothing too deep. I posted about the show a couple of times, and talked down a whole bunch of traumatized castaways from a rewatch site. I like fandom discussion, even if I rarely get my thoughts together enough to write actual meta about things. I recc’d some things and will be recc’ing more soon. I’ve ended up as a Mod/Maintainer for a few LJ communities:

fantas_magoria / buffyversemeta / spuffy_recs

I urge you all to check out those comms and consider linking the good stuff there. Share the Buffy wealth, my dears! It makes us all richer. In spirit. Or something like that. I’ve got a good feeling about 2013!

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Jan. 14th, 2013 07:47 am (UTC)
I haven't read the crossovers, but big thumbs up for the others. Quality, not quantity, right?

Plus, super excited that you're moderating these communities!
Jan. 14th, 2013 05:07 pm (UTC)
I keep thinking that I should be able to do quantity and quality, but I don't really like writing enough to do it unless I have something I'm compelled to say. I like having written something, but the actual writing verges on painful. That sounds weird, doesn't it? IDK. I adore the written word, feel like it is the way I communicate most accurately and fluidly, and think of it as a playground. But I also take it ridiculously seriously, and want every word to be the right one, even when I'm writing about Mr. Gordo/Miss Edith.

The standard writer advice is to just do it. But I've spent too many hours staring a a blank screen to even start unless I've got something to say.

Online fandom is great about nudging me to at least join in the written discussions, even if the fic is only gonna happen when it happens.

Thanks for the kind comments!
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