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Today is the last day to contribute to buffyversetop5's look at excellent Buffyverse fanworks of 2012. There are lots. Even if you are pretty involved in fandom, I can guarantee you will find something cool that is new to you. Go! Check it out! Add a list if you can!

Here are links to my "Top 5" lists, because I have this weird thing about lists:

5 Excellent Short Gen Fics
5 Funny Odd Couple Fics (Slash Edition)
5 Terrific Vampire Tales (Some Historical)
5 Short Spuffy Charmers
5 Spuffy Shorts With Varying Degrees of Sad
5 Mostly Unromantic Short Fics
5 WIPs I'd Like to See More of in 2013

You can also find lots of interesting recs on two communities that I moderate:

fantas_magoria and spuffy_recs.

Don't say I never gave you anything! \o/

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