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I am ridiculously happy to report that MiAmor scored tickets to see "Much Ado About Nothing" at the San Francisco International Film Festival! I've been hoping for this ever since Joss said that the film was going to film festivals first, "because it is fancy".

I've been, and continue to be, virtually without Internet acces, as I'm away helping my mom get her house habitable after she was finally able to evict her "tenant". Who hadn't paid rent in 3 years. And, to nobody's surprise, left a gawdawful mess. As if in answer to an understandable lack of faith in human behavior, her neighbors have been pitching in to a breathtaking extent. Just when you want to say "people are no damn good", they up and do the sweetest things. So, I'm in the middle of a modern-day barn raising, and it is good.

I'll be back next week. Have lots of fun without me!

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