Rebcake (rebcake) wrote,

Summer is nice.

Someone — and I have my suspicions — nominated some of my fics in Round 10 of the Running With Scissors Awards! Woo hoo! Thanks, kind nominator(s)!

Defenseless (Spike, Joyce, Buffy, Giles, Faith; alt S4) in the Rigor {Over 10,000 words} category.
No Regrets (Mr. Gordo/Miss Edith; S2) in the Who's Huh with What?! {Unconventional Couple} category.
Rules and Customs (vamp!Xander/Spike/Angel; Wishverse) in the Stakes and Chains {Slash} category. This one is nasty and bleak. NC17.
Love Me, Love My Dog (Spike, Buffy, Xander, Angel, Cordelia, Dru; Halloween S2) in the Fanged Midget {501 - 1000 words} category.

Summer is nice. I get to sleep in. I'm doing a bit of writing, a ton of reading (on my new iPad Mini), and even more working. As usual, I am partaking of fun cultural activities pretty often. Weekend before last, MiAmor and I took a van full of girls to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk so that they could frolic while we watched the 30th anniversary show of Camper Van Beethoven (and alter ego, Cracker) on the beach. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that these are now "oldies" bands, more or less. I went to college with these guys, and my band opened for Camper in Las Vegas in what was one of the most memorable and action-packed weekends of my life. (It's an epic tale of highway automotive failure at 2 AM, scaling chain link fences, racing against time to make the gig, triumphant performance, eventual pink Cadillac convertibles, mystic experiences at Hoover Dam, and some bats. Good times.) Anyway, it was a hometown performance for them, and the crowd was packed with old people who I'm pretty sure I shared a communal bathroom with back when we were young. Takes some getting used to. Oh, and I got to ride The Giant Dipper, one of the great roller coasters, once more. *happy sigh*

Then MiAmor and I were lucky enough to see a rare US performance by Fanfare Ciocarlia (pronounced cho-charlie-a, I think), a Romanian brass band that is ridiculously good. Four tubas, no waiting! I'd try to describe them, but I could never do them justice. They are the closest thing to Raymond Scott that you're likely to get these days, which may not mean much to most of you, but makes them catnip to me. *\o/*

Saturday night, we met some friends at the Cartoon Art Museum's event to celebrate their 75th Anniversary of Superman exhibit. It was loads of fun — there was alcohol! — and just to prove it, here's a photo of thedeadlyhook breaking her chains!

How are you all?
Tags: awards/noms, rl

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