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TV in Briefs

I actually wear comfy yoga pants (that's trousers to you) to watch television. It's usually a group activity at our place, with the TV-less neighbors coming over bearing plates of cheese and chocolate. I'm watching more stuff than usual this year. Not sure why, but I like to think it's because there are things on worth watching. Here are my TV thoughts for this fall:


Almost Human just started up, so it's hard to judge, but the production values are fantastic, and it shows potential. I'm a Karl Urban fan, and the robot guy is charming, though they are perhaps too heavy handed with the whole "human acts like robot, robot acts like human" dynamic. The premiere was good, though it verged on humorless, and the second one was all about sexbots. I'm sympathetic to the sexbot storyline, as a rule, and they did okay with this one, but it also struck me as a thinly veiled excuse for showing lots of women in lingerie. I am undecided. (Which I wouldn't have been if there had been any male sexbots running around in their Calvins. Probably.)

Sleepy Hollow is just darling, if a bit of a kitchen sink affair. Ichabod is incredibly dreamy: all virtuous and sensitive and brave. Everytime he says "left-tenant" I get all melty. Also his clothes must be removed by the untying of many things. I approve. I cannot believe the actress who plays Abbie can possibly have eyes that big. Surely she is imported from a manga somewhere? If so, I am ready to welcome my Manganese overlords. Supporting characters played by Orlando Jones and John Cho round things out nicely. I need to see more of Abbie's sister before I completely buy her, but why not a demon-hunting Sarah Connor-type?

Castle is still entertaining most of the time. That time-travel ep? So fun.


Agents of SHIELD(sp?) is okay in places, but I'm still on the fence. It shows signs of getting better. I wish Ming-Na's character was less robotic because I want to loooooove her. The other characters, Coulson excepted, are a bit young, don't you think? It's like all the callowness of an old CW show has been plunked into something that should have more variety or gravitas or just plain weirdness or something. Did I fall asleep? For a little while. ;-)

Supernatural is still chugging along being by turns fun and overwrought. I'm along for the ride, but I'm curious to see if Charlie (off on a quest) or the Sheriff survive to break the "all womyn die" motif. Mark Sheppard and Kevin Tran, AP are good to have around and the very terrible Avedon(sp?) is a grand villain. I'm glad they carried her over from last season.

Person of Interest has always looked, um, interesting to me, but I was hit-or-miss with watching it until Amy Acker came along and really hooked me. Now, of course, I've fallen in love with a couple of the other characters, only to be Jossed this week, if you know what I mean. Boo. Still, big conspiracies, Big Brother, and smart little guys struggling against unchecked power are in my kink/trope wheelhouse, so I'll no doubt stagger onward.


American Horror Story: Coven is something I'm pretty sure I'll like once I get around to watching it. All the ladies!


The Crazy Ones is the only half hour sitcom on my menu this round. I'm not a huge fan of the format, though there are exceptions, such as Better Off Ted and 30 Rock. This one charms me immensely. Robin Williams does his thing, which I like, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is a fantastic straight man for him. She's got this whole slightly neurotic Tony Randall thing going, and it's lovely. One thing that grates is that it's set in Chicago and every single person therein is of the caucasian variety. Really? We're still doing this?

Elementary just keeps getting better, and I liked it from the start. The addition of Mycroft has been fabulous. I could do with more of the interesting Miss Hudson they introduced last season, but that's my only quibble.


Dracula is so swoony and atmospheric, you guys! It gets a lot of historical detail wrong, but I've decided to ignore all that because it's clearly outside of time entirely. I'm very entertained by the characterization of Vlac Tepic as undead steampunk Tony Stark with a grudge. I adore the intentionally bad American accent that the character dons when he's working on his nefarious schemes. The women are so interesting, and they keep adding more of them. I was peeved when it wasn't on this week — usually I'm happy when shows take a break, because I generally need one, too. My main gripe is that the commercial breaks really ruin mood. Which, again, is swoony like whoa.

Somewhere in Space and Time

Doctor Who extravaganza! I liked An Adventure in Time and Space a great deal, as I am susceptible to costume dramas. Hee. Today's Day of the Doctor was a load of fun. It's all very nostalgic, but I'm of an age for that, I suspect. I wasn't overcome with anticipation for either of these "television events", being somewhat adjacent to the Who fandom, but they were so, so enjoyable. Christmas is not far off, either. The future holds many wonders!

Most of the stuff I watch has supernatural or scifI elements, or perhaps some large conspiracy thing going on. Trends in my TV world seem to be a great deal more racial diversity, lots of great female characters, and hot, funny British guys. Works for me!

I'm not watching Scandal, The Good Wife, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, or anything on HBO or Showtime. I'm already overbooked!

How are you all keeping yourselves entertained?

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